Start Your Playbook

When you start your personal playbook, you start your cancer accountability mission by using FECO, making better choices with your diet, taking the right supplements, and learning how to remove toxins in your life. The playbook will help guide you personally on your FECO journey.

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Using FECO am able to maintain my weight through a combination of positive attitude, following the FECO Playbook diet, and a regular exercise program.”
* Dave Evans, diagnosed with lymphoma

Wheel of Hope

Start today to change to a healthier lifestyle. From Plant-Based Medicine benefits to ensuring that what you put in your body is truly the best for you. Keeping fit and active both mentally and physically while taking your supplements will increase your spirit, add in the fact that you will be removing toxins from your daily routine will also increase the ability for your body to relax and recover.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Your experience with using FECO and following the Play By plays will give others hope. You have to take responsibility for your life by sharing what you’ve learned, so that they can be more confident in taking action themselves!